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April 2014


What Is Vaping?


The popularity of e-cigarettes is growing by the minute, especially among youth. Young people are trying them at an alarming rate, with the number doubling to nearly two million in just one year. Since they are not regulated by the FDA, users of e-cigarettes may not know what they’re inhaling.

INFOGRAPHIC: E-Cigarettes – Decoding What’s Behind the Vapor

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E-Cigarette Bans in U.S. Cities

Dr-Tinkelman_78x74.jpgWhile major cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles have taken steps to ban e-cigarettes in public, kids can still get their hands on them nationally. “It doesn’t take long from using these products and ingesting the nicotine to become addicted to them,” according to Dr. David Tinkelman.

VIDEO: Why e-cigarettes appeal to the teenage brain


Spring, and Allergies, in Bloom

grass-78x74.jpgThey’re back. While spring is a time for growth, it’s also a time when allergy sufferers are miserable. Are you doing what you can to minimize spring allergies?

Tips for fighting spring allergies


No Longer Missing Out on Childhood

Davis-Silcox-78x74.jpgDavis Silcox hated how eczema and food allergies made him feel. For four and a half years, he and his family struggled with sleepless nights and a severely restricted diet. After a 10-day appointment at National Jewish Health, he and his family have a “new life.”

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Do You Live in Worst City for Pollen?

Dandelion-78x74.jpgA large part of dealing with allergies is knowing when to avoid the outdoors. Pollen in the air can make life outside less than enjoyable if you have allergies. Where you live can have a huge impact on allergy symptoms.

The worst cities for pollen


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