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Blood Pressure & HeartRegular exercise and a balanced diet are just two of the ways you can maintain a heart healthy lifestyle, so in this issue we offer information to get you started with both.

Also in this issue, read how to detect bed bugs, learn why exercise can trigger asthma and access our recently launched news blog.

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Health-e-Feature: Heart Health

Safe Exercise for Patients with Heart Disease
Just because you have heart disease doesn't mean you can't find ways to remain active. In fact, regular exercise may improve heart function.

Try This Heart Healthy Chicken Salad
Our clinical nutrition department recommends this recipe, which is packed with fiber, vitamins C & K, and mono- and poly-unsaturated fats.

Added Sugar = Added Risk of Heart Disease
National Jewish Health cardiologist Brett Fenster, MD, says high sugar intake is the most under-recognized risk factor among patients.

Disease Information

COPD and Emotional Management
A diagnosis of COPD completely changes a person's life. Learn ways to cope with common feelings including depression, anxiety and fear of intimacy.

Healthy Lifestyle

Bed BugIncrease Your Bed Bug Awareness
Bed bugs are increasingly infesting areas where people sleep and spend time in the United States. Learn the signs to look for and how to prevent infestation.
Ask an Expert: Asthma

Question: Why does exercise trigger asthma?

Answer: When breathing at rest, we tend to breathe through our nose. This allows the nasal passages to warm and humidify the air we breathe in before it reaches the lungs. During exercise, we tend to breathe more quickly and through our mouth. This results in air that is cooler and drier when it reaches the airways. In people with sensitive airways, such as those with asthma, this can trigger bronchospasm and lead to coughing, wheezing and chest tightness.

Learn more about exercise induced asthma.

Submit your own medical question with our Ask an Expert service.

News Blog

We recently launched a News Blog that offers interesting insights into recent research and health topics that are making headlines.

Check out the blog.

Recent Research

MicroscopeNew Method Attacks Bacterial Infections on Contact Lenses
Researchers have discovered a method to attack bacterial infections on contact lenses that may also have applications for infections in cystic fibrosis and severe burns.

New Info on Our Site

Our health experts regularly review content on our website. Here are just a few of our most recent updates:

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February 2011

Joan OttenritterJoan Finally Found Answers at National Jewish Health
Joan Ottenritter was a busy mother living a healthy life in Baltimore when she learned she had a potentially deadly disease lurking in her lungs. "Coming to National Jewish Health was the best move I have ever made. They saved my life," she said. Read Joan’s Story.


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