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March 2012


Important New Nasal Wash Guidelines


After two recent deaths in Louisiana and reported serious infections from using tap water for nasal washes, National Jewish Health is recommending that patients follow new guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC recommends tap water never be used for nasal washes unless properly treated.

Making Nasal Wash Solution: Updated





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Is Sleepiness During Pregnancy Actually Sleep Apnea?

The Fight Against Tuberculosis

Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep for Kids

Serving Those Who Served Us


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Is Sleepiness During Pregnancy Actually Sleep Apnea?


Most pregnant women complain of being tired. Some of them, however, may have developed obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a periodic cessation of breathing during sleep. If left untreated, OSA poses a variety of health risks to pregnant women, from diabetes to high blood pressure and stroke. Read more.


The Fight Against Tuberculosis


Founded as a tuberculosis (TB) hospital in 1988, National Jewish Health has a long history of patient care, clinical research and education against this deathly bacterial infection. Today, the main fronts of this battle are in the developing world. Our efforts include work in South Africa, Uganda and Columbia, and supporting the World Health Organization. Read more.


Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep


Mother Rachel Belouin was struggling to get her son to both fall and stay asleep. “I never thought he would sleep through the night again or that we’d have a normal family life.” Lisa Meltzer, PhD, a National Jewish Health doctor specializing in pediatric sleep issues, was able to help the Belouin family by giving them specific tools to incorporate into their son’s nightly bedtime routine, ensuring a restful night’s sleep for all. Read more.


Serving Those Who Served Us


Several surveys have suggested that warfighters returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are twice as likely to suffer from asthma, bronchiolitis and other severe respiratory diseases than veterans stationed elsewhere. To help those veterans, National Jewish Health is establishing a Center for post-deployment lung disease and injury, and you can help. Learn how you can support our efforts today.


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