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May 2012


Do You Live in One of the Worst Cities for Allergies?


Due to a mild winter, an early spring is wreaking havoc on allergy sufferers nationwide. Knoxville, Tenn., is the worst city in the nation. Check the list to see if your city is in the top 10. There are many easy ways to cope with and prevent allergies. The Centers for Disease Control recently issued new guidelines for performing the nasal wash – an inexpensive, natural, and effective method for minimizing allergies.

Read the new nasal wash guidelines.

View the pediatric nasal wash video.


View the adult nasal wash video.

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Prevent Allergies This Summer

Sleep Well Despite Allergies

Spring Events Raise Over $560k for National Jewish Health

'National Jewish Health has been a positive experience for my family'


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Prevent Allergies This Summer


Pollen is a major eye irritant and can make allergy symptoms worse. HEPA filters are recommended to reduce allergens by trapping pollen, dirt, dust and animal dander. Follow these tips to reduce eye irritation and learn about HEPA filters.

Allergy treatment programs


Sleep Well Despite Allergies

Child Sleeping

Getting a good night’s rest can be a struggle for allergy sufferers. Keeping the home free from allergens is a key component to better sleep. Besides the indoor environment, performing a nasal wash before bed helps to remove any pollen from the nasal passages that has accumulated during the day.

Tips for a good night’s sleep


Spring Events Raise Over $560k for National Jewish Health


From the leaders of New York’s financial industries to fans of the Final Four, supporters of National Jewish Health have turned out at events across the country this year. On March 13, nearly $450,000 was raised by the more than 700 attendees of the 35th annual Financial Industries Dinner. A few weeks later, on March 31, more than 350 guests at Hoops & Hoopla raised $111,000 for Kunsberg School.


'National Jewish Health has been a positive experience for my family'


This Mother’s Day is extra special for Rebecca Aguirre. Asthma and food allergies were keeping her and her children, Bayleigh and Colin, from doing the things they enjoy. After receiving care at National Jewish Health, they have peace of mind and are able to bike, swim and run again. Read more about how Rebecca and her family are today.


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