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March 2013


Get Better Sleep


Creating a bedtime routine can help you sleep better year-round. Don’t let that hour of sleep you lose on March 10 affect your health. Daylight savings time also is a great opportunity to assess your home for safety.

Download our infographic for tips on better sleep and safer homes.

Download our tips for better sleep and safer homes.

School Bell too Early for Teens

Watch: Why Should Teenagers Sleep in?Struggling to wake your teen each morning? It may not be laziness. It may be biology. New research at National Jewish Health provides evidence of teens’ altered biological clocks and supports an argument for a later high school start time.

Watch: Why Should Teenagers Sleep In?


Lack of Sleep Looks Like ADHD

Download our sleep guidelines for children.As many as 20 to 40 percent of children will have a sleep problem at some point during their childhood. Sleep deprivation symptoms might surprise you.
Download our infographic on pediatric sleep guidelines.



Hidden Danger in 'Ideal' Body Type

Hidden Danger in Ideal Body TypeAn "ideal" body type poses a greater risk of infection with nontuberculous mycobacteria (NTM), cousins of the organism that causes tuberculosis, according to researchers at National Jewish Health.

Which women are at risk for NTM?


A Party Fit for a King or Queen

2013 Beaux Arts Grand Court BallGet away to the mountains in an Aston Martin like James Bond, relax on a New Zealand vineyard, or find diamonds in the desert. These are just some of the fantastic packages up for auction at this year’s event.

2013 Beaux Arts Grand Court Ball

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