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June 2013


Severe Danger From Cross-Contamination in the Kitchen


You might be surprised to know that drinking out of a glass while cooking can lead to danger. Learn how you can avoid cross-contamination of foods and food allergy triggers when preparing meals for yourself and your family.

INFOGRAPHIC: Kitchen Safety Musts

kitchen safety infographic

Finding Allergies Before Surgery

Click here to watch this video A growing number of patients discover allergies to new hips and knees only after surgery is done. Thanks to a new blood test developed by our own Dr. Pacheco, those allergies can be detected long before surgery.

WATCH: Avoid implant allergies.


The Heat Is On

Friends-Break.jpgHotter and longer days and more outdoor activity in the summer can lead to dehydration if you’re not careful. Without enough water, you could jeopardize your body temperature and electrolyte balance. So just how much water do you need?

Prevent serious issues by hydrating.


Taking Back the Reins on Life

Cindy RoperCindy Roper’s hands “hurt every hour of every day of every week.” National Jewish Health found the simple answer to her skin condition, and now she is back in the saddle.

How was Cindy's life changed?


Kids Celebrate New Name for School

Morgridge_78x74.jpgWe have renamed our school for chronically ill children to recognize the Morgridge Family Foundation's long-time support. “Our gifts combine two causes we feel passionate about – education and National Jewish Health,” said Carrie Morgridge.

WATCH: Students celebrate Morgridge Academy.


Upcoming Events

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June 8

LA Professional Services Black and White Ball
Beverly Hills, CA



New York AIR Society Benefit
New York, NY



Miners Clinic
Craig, CO



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