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July 2013


Avoid Dangerous BBQ Foods


You probably don’t realize the dangerous amounts of sodium (salt) and allergens lurking in standard BBQ menus. Keep an eye on what you’re eating from the grill and picnic basket. Fireworks explode, but your health shouldn’t. What are the dangers of too much sodium? 


INFOGRAPHIC: What’s hiding in your BBQ menu? 



Eat Plants, Improve Your Health

Click here to watch more on the heart / lung connection.Summer is a great time to eat garden fresh foods that are in season. Cardiologist Dr. Andrew Freeman explains what it looks like to eat a plant-based diet to improve not only your heart, but your GI health.

WATCH: Meal Examples for a Plant-Based Diet


You Can Inspire a $5,000 Gift

We want to know what you are doing this summer because you are breathing easier. Donate as little as $10, and you will help inspire an anonymous donor to make a $5,000 gift!



'Astronomically Different' Care

Learn what you can do to manage winter allergy symptoms.Isabella Lenyo suffered from recurrent bouts of pneumonia for the first 6 years of her life. Finally, the Lenyo family found a doctor who shared their commitment to finding the root cause of Isabella’s condition. This extraordinary dedication would lead the family to National Jewish Health, and a definitive diagnosis.

Isabella’s life-changing treatment


Lose Weight the Genetic Way

Reducing Sensitivity to Peanuts In the ongoing fight against obesity, our researchers are waist deep in the latest study to learn what role genetics might play in weight loss. Our FitLogix® program is partnering with BodySync Personal Genetics to discover whether a person’s genes can produce weight loss results that are superior to standard weight management programs.

How your genes may influence weight loss

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