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March 2016


Say Goodnight to Insomnia

As we turn our clocks forward for daylight saving time this month, we will all lose an hour of sleep, but one-third of adults regularly suffer from sleepless nights. Our experts explain the causes of insomnia and offer simple tips to help you sleep better.

INFOGRAPHIC: Help! I Can't Sleep

Spring Forward One Hour March 13



Tame Spring Allergies Before They Start

Pumpkin-Soup78x74.jpg Allergists advise that sufferers don't wait for spring! Start taking your regular allergy medicine before spring pollens arrive to better manage symptoms. Find out more about what you can do to stay ahead of allergy season.


Protect Infants and Elderly from RSV


Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has cold-like symptoms but can cause asthma, bronchiolitis and other respiratory conditions in infants and older adults. Follow these tips to prevent a cold and learn more about our RSV research.


ADHD or Just Not Enough Sleep?

Heart-Hand.jpg As many as 40 percent of children will have a sleep problem at some point during their childhood. If your child is hyperactive, inattentive or irritable, the problem may be lack of sleep, not ADHD. Find out how much sleep your children need and other helpful resources from our infographic.


The Truth About Microwave Popcorn

Fall-Colds.jpg Eating microwave popcorn does not cause lung disease, but inhaling the chemicals used to flavor food and other items can damage your lungs. Diacetyl is a chemical flavoring in some popcorns and 75 percent of e-cigarettes flavors. When inhaled it causes severe lung disease. What you need to know about inhaling dangerous chemicals:


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Win Tickets to Come Rock with Us!

Enter our Rock 'n' Roll Photo Contest today! You could win two tickets to one of Denver's most anticipated social events, the National Jewish Health Beaux Arts Rock 'N' Roll Ball, presented by Morgridge Family Foundation. Caption one of your photos with a song lyric and share it on our Facebook page. We'll select the winner to join us at the Beaux Arts Ball on March 19. Learn more.


Clinical Trials

Clinical Research Gave Us Antibiotics

Help researchers find new cures and treatments. We are currently seeking participants for research studies in these areas.

Search all clinical research studies.


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