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October 2016


Correcting Amanda’s Inhaler Technique Saved Her Life

For 10-year-old Amanda Graves, having many doctors, various medications and lots of visits to the emergency department left her feeling fearful that she might die in her sleep from an asthma attack. Then she came to National Jewish Health for Kids where Pulmonologist BJ Lanser, MD, found that nearly 80 percent of Amanda’s inhaled medication was not getting into her lungs. Now, Amanda’s asthma is under control. She is no longer afraid, and is back to playing the trumpet, running and playing soccer.

WATCH: Amanda’s Inhaler Mistake Story



New Physician Ratings Help Patients Make Informed Choices

FamilyNational Jewish Health recently added online posting of patient comments to its website to help patients make informed health care decisions. Patients of National Jewish Health are surveyed by an independent survey company to gather feedback that can help the organization and its doctors improve. Now those survey comments and ratings for doctors will be posted to the website. Read on to learn more about accessing this valuable information.

Tell Me More About Patient Comments and Ratings

Roast Those Pumpkin Seeds!

Inhaler Did you know that pumpkin seeds are beneficial for people with asthma and heart disease? Have your kids help scoop out the seeds before carving jack-o’-lanterns and then use this recipe to roast them. The more involved they are, the more they will enjoy eating them. Mix it up with different seasonings!

RECIPE: Roasted Pumpkin Seeds 


Scare Away Allergy Fears on Halloween

InhalerHalloween is a favorite holiday among kids, but for those with food allergies, it can be a frightening experience. One in 13 children has food allergies. What can you do to keep food-allergic kids safe? Offer allergy-safe treats; carry an EpiPen; and carefully read all labels. Check out our new infographic for more spooky facts and Halloween allergy tips!

INFOGRAPHIC: Scare Away Allergy Fears


Our Cause Hit Close to Home for Marla Wood

InhalerIn January 2015, Marla Wood caught whatever was going around her office. Her New Mexico doctor said, “It’s a bug. Hold your breath; you’ll get over it,” but she didn’t get over it. Read how Marla received the correct diagnosis at National Jewish Health and was inspired to continue supporting the institution.

Read Marla’s Story

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Why Consider Participating in a Clinical Trial?

Did you know that participating in a clinical trial may offer you access to medical care and new treatments? Learn about the benefits of clinical research and then search open trials for one that may help you.

What Are the Benefits of Clinical Research?

Search all clinical research studies.


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