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Just released today, National Jewish Health has been named the #1 hospital in Pulmonology by U.S. News. “We are proud to be recognized as the leading respiratory hospital in the nation,” said Michael Salem, MD, president and CEO.



How to Protect Lungs from Summer Breathing Issues

“Wildfire smoke and summer ozone cause breathing difficulties in adults and children with respiratory conditions,” says Anthony Gerber, MD, National Jewish Health pulmonologist and Colorado Air Quality Control commissioner. Get his tips for protecting your health.


Nosebleed Infographic

Don’t Lean Backward to Stop a Nosebleed

Nosebleeds happen for a variety of reasons: dry air, allergies, infection and more. Leaning forward works better at stopping a nosebleed and prevents blood from going down the throat. Get more tips for treating a bloody nose.

12 Tips for Stopping Nosebleeds

September Epidemic Video

September is Bad for Asthma - Do You Know Why?

September is the worst time of the year for asthma. Children are back at school sharing germs, which causes a surge in hospitalizations, called the "September Epidemic." Here’s how to protect your family.


How to Make Back-to-School Easier for Your Family

Beyond school supplies, there can be a mountain of health information to get ready for schools. Visit our resource page for a back-to-school checklist, along with tips for sleep schedules, health forms, nutrition and more.


Summer Camp Kids

“Science of Flight” Sparks Summer Camp for Students at Morgridge Academy

Nearly every child dreams about flying. Students at the Morgridge Academy Summer Camp learned about gravity … and how to defy it with balsa wood airplanes and physical activities. Read more about this special school and how you can support it.

Summer Camp

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More Builders Halting Construction Because Of Formaldehyde Joists

Bug Bite Basics: How to Avoid Getting Stung This Summer and How to React if You Do

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Denver August 19

Allied Health Conference
Denver September 15

2017 NTM Lecture Series for Patients and Families
Denver October 20-21

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