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Food allergy or intolerance, what's the difference?


A Disturbing Video
Helps Patients

People with sleep apnea who watched themselves gasping and struggling to breathe found a reason to start using their CPAP machines  ̶  breathing through the night. Sleep expert Mark Aloia, PhD, explained, “We really created a personal sense of urgency in these patients in order to change their behavior.”


Lifestyle Tips that Save Lives

Debra Kates Shaw asked National Jewish Health cardiologist Andrew Freeman, MD, for a second opinion about her husband’s heart condition. She never imagined that his recommendations would include lifestyle changes instead of prescription medicine.


Kid With Face Paint

Get Your Halloween Treat Shopping Guide

Here are 13 tips to help children with allergies, asthma, eczema and food allergies have a safe Halloween. Check out our list of Halloween treat ideas!


Pumpkin Bread

Harvest Recipes Beyond Pumpkin Spice

Try our new collection of delicious recipes that use fruits and vegetables harvested from your garden or the farmers market. Stew, cobbler and pumpkin bread are just a few of the new recipes that are sure to delight your taste buds this season.


Germs Infographic

How Fast Do Germs Travel?

Germs can travel about 100 mph during a sneeze. That’s why it’s so important to wash hands thoroughly and frequently. Did you know it’s ok to ask others, including health providers, to wash their hands?



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The Factors that Drive Atopic Dermatitis

I-70 Neighbors Concerned about Dust, Pollution from Expansion Project

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Walk With A Doc
Denver, CO October 14

NTM Lecture Series for Patients and Families
Denver, CO October 21

Rev The Runway
Denver, CO November 2

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clinical trials

Alternative Treatment for Insomnia in Adults Clinical Trial

Have you taken medication for insomnia for more than a year? Would you like to stop? If you are age 21 to 80, you may qualify for a clinical trial. Participants receive compensation and insomnia therapy at no cost. Learn more about this and other clinical trials.

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